Meet Lindsey


My name is Lindsey and I love making people beautiful. I am a hair stylist, makeup artist, singer - and a mother to my beautiful daughter Willa. I truly believe that when you find your passions and your lifes purpose -  that then is when you feel your most beautiful. I love everything that I do. Not only do I love what I do, but I can confidently say that I am good at it.

A Blow-out is one of the most Important parts of your service in a beauty salon.  But unfortunately, one of the most forgotten about service today!  A quality blowout is hard to come by and takes skill!  I have worked hard to perfect my blowouts. I pride myself on the art of this craft and is the fine finish of all of my work. 

  I love people's beauty and before I help to make you even more beautiful on the outside, I love knowing who you are on the inside.  When I meet with my clients -  it is not just a consultation on what color they want their hair to be…it goes deeper than that. I want to know where you want to go and who you want to be. I want to know what your passions are, when you are the most happy - then I help to push you in that direction; starting with your hairstyle,blowout, and makeup.  

Everything that you do should reflect and flow with who you are and what you want. I love when I get a chance to accentuate and enhance peoples favorite parts about themselves. Or help them to discover a new favorite part of themselves. I will teach you how to do you own hair, find your best hair color and style and introduce you to your favorite lip color.  

We all have a purpose here on this earth and in this life time. We will never be happy here if we are not living our lives to the purpose of our being. When your beauty on the outside matches the inside, you gain a whole new confidence . Look good,feel good!

I would love the opportunity to enhance your beauty and challenge you to your most beauty purposed life!

With Confidence, Purpose, and Beauty.