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BLOW-OUT - $35

It doesn't matter if your hair is thick, thin, long, short, straight or curly! 
 It's only $35.00! (includes wash, style and finish)

WAVY GRAVY                                                          TOP KNOT
A lush and full finish, tousled                                A coiffed modern version                              
You'll look like you just came                                of the French twist.
from the beach.

POKER FACE                                                              THE BANGBAR-DASHIAN
A sophisticated and modern                                     A sleek blowout finished with
super sleek blowout.                                                   soft wavy ends.

THE RICHIE                                                                THE HIPSTER
A fun side pony tail                                                     Be edgy, with a bump and braid
Be a show pony.

STRAIGHT UP!  (AKA UPDO)                                   KIDDIE COCKTAIL
Just like your Martini!  Straight up with                 A special blowout for our little loves
a twist of shine!                                                             that are 12 and under

A voluptuous smooth and groomed                            
blowout. Your hair will scream                             .